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Tulip Festival

David surprised me with an adventure date this weekend to go see the tulips at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Various farms offer tours, but for this trip we chose to visit Tulip Town because they allowed pets on site and Frodo would be attending this particular adventure date with us. Tulip Town is a 30-acre farm originally founded by Dutch immigrants and features 5+ acres and 50+ varieties of tulips!

Let me take a minute to explain "adventure dates" for those of you who are curious. Adventure dates are a bit different than your routine dinner and a movie date. Not that there is anything wrong with the tried and true, but adventure dates throw in a bit of excitement and spark into the relationship. I have to say that I do love that David is willing to choose adventure dates that include things that spark joy for me, but may not be something on his top 10 list of things to do.

Needless to say this was a wonderful date for me. I adore any and all spring flowers. To spend the morning wandering through the tulip fields with the mountains surrounding us was perfect. Luckily for us, the rain held off and we got to take as much time as we wanted looking at all the different types and colors of tulips.

I was also happy that my little travel buddy (Frodo) got to tag along on this date. He doesn't like to be left behind and although moseying through the flowers isn't his idea of a grand adventure, he did pose for a few shots among the tulips for his mom.

Interesting enough, David told me that he actually enjoyed this particular adventure date a lot more than he thought he would. He was impressed with how smoothly the farm ran despite a lot of people coming in and out of the area. He was also enamored by the many Dutch themed touches that he noted on the farm- like the windmill and boutique area. Lastly, he was pleasantly surprised by how many varieties of tulips there actually were on display.

Anyway- I do hope this post inspires others to do some adventure dates of their own. You will be surprised to find new things that you enjoy doing and will have fun regardless. Also, if you are in the area- definitely go to the tulip festival!

(Oh! I did find a few other flowers besides tulips to enjoy as well! 😉 Enjoy!!)

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