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Spearfish Canyon/Mothers Day 2022

I wont lie- my first Mothers Day away from kids (my grown ADULT kids) left me a bit melancholy and out of sorts. The hardest thing for me in my travels is being away from my kids. I miss them every single day- I want to share all the experiences we are having with them. I want them to see the things we are seeing, taste the foods we are tasting, and just share day too day life with them. I recognize that I didn’t see my kids every day even when we lived in the same town, but I could if I wanted to. I also knew if they needed things- support, assistance, or even a surprise home cooked meal. I miss those things now and it really bothers me. This is especially true for holidays or special occasions.

I do text the kids frequently (and try to temper my neurotic tendencies to be a pest) and they text me on their own as well, so I know that they miss me too. They all made sure to acknowledge me on Mother’s Day- I received thoughtful gifts, phone calls and texts, but I would have given anything just to spend a single hour in each of their presence. I have a whole new appreciation for my own mother and for David’s mother in this regard. I find myself wanting to do more and reach out more because I know that if I’m feeling sad over my own adult children and missing them- it stands to reason that they feel the same. How did I not realize this before??

Anyway, as a result, I was a bit sad on Mother’s Day. This presented itself with delightful levels of irritability and waspish behavior. As I wandered around the house trying to sort my feelings out (and lashing out at David each time he came near), my wonderful husband gently suggested it would be better to get out of the house for a while. I balked at first, but he eventually said, "Let's go!" and into the car we went.

A lot of people travel to South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore, but it seems to me that many don't really take time to explore the Black Hills. When I mention to people that we live in South Dakota I often get some perplexed looks. When I further explain how pretty the area is with a lot of things to do, especially in the Black Hills area- it doesn't lesson the confusion. I'm startled at the realization that most people are unaware of this hidden gem. The Black Hills region is simply beautiful.

I have learned that the Black Hills tend to be divided into two areas: "The Southern Hills" and "The Northern Hills." Most people visit the Southern Black Hills region to visit Mount Rushmore, Wind Cave National Park, Custer State Park, The Needles Highway, The Mammoth Site, and Crazy Horse Memorial. However, the Northern Black Hills region includes Sturgis (where we live), Spearfish Canyon, Historic Deadwood and the Devil's Tower National Monument (located in Wyoming's Black Hills)

Spearfish is a small town on the northern tip of the Black Hills and it is also the gateway to the north entrance of Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway (State Highway 14A). This 22-mile route takes you along a winding road that has many scenic overlooks and historic landmarks. David thought it would be a great idea to explore Spearfish Canyon on Mother's Day and he was right! It was a perfect day for a Sunday drive!

One of the best known scenic stops in Spearfish Canyon is Bridal Veil Falls. This waterfall is the most accessible in the canyon and cascades approximately 60 feet down the side of the mountain.

We didn't do much hiking off the main scenic route on this visit, but we saw some stunning views just the same. I was so thankful David suggested this adventure today... I really needed it!

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