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This weekend we decided to head to the town of Poulsbo for a meet and greet for a new sitter for Frodo. David met our friend, Libby, several years ago through another travel blog and discovered she has a dog sitting business. We knew that when we got to Washington that we'd want to utilize her services with Frodo. She graciously invited us over for a delightful lunch and offered to keep Frodo for the day while her husband, Jason, showed us around town for a bit.

Poulsbo is a charming little town located off Liberty Bay on the Kitsap Peninsula. The Suquamish Native American people were the first to settle here. This tribe (known as “people of the clear salt water”) were expert fisherman, canoe builders and basket weavers. Paulsbo later became known as “Little Norway” because of Scandinavians who came from the Midwest, and previously, the Nordic region of Europe.

The town iteself is absolutely beautiful. I love how walkable the downtown area is with a ton of cute shops, coffee houses, breweries, restaurants, etc

One of our favorite stops was at Sluy's bakery. This bakery has been in business 53 years and is probably the best known bakery in the area. In fact, heir famous Bread was sold nationally for years!! Locals know to get to the bakery early before the good sell out and you will often see long lines out the door. Sluys have a wide range of baked goods: donuts, breads, cakes, cookies and traditional Norwegian pastries.

The Poulsbo Waterfront is a really beautiful place to spend some time. Liberty Bay (an offshoot of Puget Sound) has a beautiful marina and Liberty Park is a wonderful waterfront location that has picnic tables and areas for people to gather and enjoy the views

In the summertime there are often street fairs and and live music performances on the Poulsbo waterfront! I am excited to attend the annual Viking Fest which is in May for 2023. Likewise I will be sad to miss the Chief Seattle Days festival in August Since we will be visiting our next location when that occurs.

After our visit to town, Jason took us out to Bushel and Barrel Cinderhouse. We had some delicious hard cider (I got a French Toast Cider!) and we proceeded towards the back of the property where there was a petting farm and plenty of chairs and other sitting areas to make friends and chat with some locals.

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