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Our “home” in Washington

We don't normally share a post about each house we stay at during our travels, but this one is special and deserves a post all of its own.

First, a little back story: As we started out on this journey we agreed that one of our goals was to always spend less on housing than we did in Georgia. Doing this would allow us to travel for less than it would cost us to stay in one place. Of course, we do lose out on building more equity, but since we save enough money each month we we are able to offset that loss. I share all of that to say that my husband did agree to expand our budget a little on our home in Washington. We fell in love with this state back in 2016, so we decided to extend our stay to ten months rather than six. We knew that some of our stay would be during the rainy season so we wanted a little nicer home to be able to stretch out in and have our own spaces. After looking around for a bit, my husband once again knocked it out of the park and found us this little slice of paradise.

This home is on the Kitsap Pennisula (a.k.a. "The KP") on 10 acres. It includes 900 feet of lake frontage and has a boat dock as well. Here is the view from the deck.

There is not a bad view of the lake no matter where you are in the house or outside. We spend a lot of time just relaxing looking at the lake with a cup of tea. Plus when the sun is setting we end up with a gorgeous sunset over the lake.

While the sunsets are spectacular we also love the foggy mornings as well. They have their own ethereal beauty about them. A lot of people have a hard time in this region with the rain and clouds, but we love this weather. Throw in some fog and we are all set.

Aside from being a larger house (AND on a lake) my husband picked this residence for another reason. That reason is Penrose State Park. This gorgeous park is a half of a mile down the road from us and leads out to the open salt water of the Puget Sound. On any given day we can walk around that park and see seals, sea lions, whales, orcas, and just about any type of salt water fish. As if that is not enough, short hike through the woods to the point and you get an amazing view of Mt Rainier.

(Look closely- that is two sea lions on the bottom left of the photo)

The other side of the park does not have a view of Mt Rainier, but it is beautiful all the same. Every hike we take is a joy to share with each other and Frodo too.

Finally, we even have a resident bald eagle family that lives on the property. It is hard to put into words how majestic these birds are when they are soaring through the sky. They are equally hard to catch with a camera, but we did get this picture as one of them surveyed his domain.

The owners of this beautiful home have also been delightful to work with and talk to. If anyone is ever interested in renting this place don't hesitate to reach out to us. We would be more than happy to put you in touch with the owners. In the meantime excuse us while we enjoy ourselves in paradise.

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