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Olympic National Park - Post #4

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

This is the last post in our four part series about the Olympic National Park. We chose to break it up into multiple posts because each area could be its own park, yet they are all part of the magic that is Olympic National Park. This post will focus on Rialto Beach. Of course, there are multiple beaches that are part of Olympic National Park, but Rialto is our favorite. The first time we visited the park was at high tide and there were waves taller than us slamming into the beach. From that moment we knew this was OUR beach. This was the Pacific Ocean and THIS was beauty and the power of God in one place.

We crested a small rise from the parking lot and this was our view just feet away from us.

I was able to get this picture of David, but I was not happy about it. He promised he kept one eye on the waves the whole time and had his escape route planned out, but I worried just the same.

If you are wondering what we mean by an escape route it is due to all the huge driftwood pieces littered all over the beach. These were not small branches. These were entire trees. You had to know where to go to avoid the waves or you would get trapped or have a piece of driftwood slam into you. Either way it would not be fun.

In case you are wondering where all this driftwood came from there are two sources. One is a major river that dumps into the ocean right next to this area of Rialto Beach. Trees wash down the river all the time, but then get caught in the ocean waves and end up dumped on the beach. However, the second source was all around us. Unlike most beaches this one has a massive forest that literally meets the ocean. It is such a unique thing to see.

My husband took this picture from the beach looking back at all the trees. You can see pieces of driftwood scattered along the forest floor. Though add in the sunlight streaming through the trees, and you would swear you are in paradise.

We have come back to this beach several times. It is honestly one of our favorite spots in Washington. Plus it is near Forks, WA, so I can indulge in my vampire Twilight stories. However, on our last visit Mother Nature was very angry. Dark, stormy skies were upon us, and the waves were something to behold. A few rogue waves got us wet, but we did not care. This was the experience we craved. To see the raw power of the Pacific Ocean!

These are waves that man will never tame or conquer.

Some might not find this type of scenery as amazing as we do. Yet there we were getting soaking wet while soaking it all up with huge smiles on our faces . It was another epic adventure date! If you ever get the chance to visit the Olympic National Park definitely make plans to come to the far western side and visit Rialto Beach. You will create memories that will last a lifetime!

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