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Olympic National Park-Post #2

After exploring the high elevations around Hurricane Ridge we were excited to explore another area in the Olympic National Park: Lake Crescent. This beautiful lake is located entirely inside the National Park. It is almost 12 miles long with several amazing pull offs on the main highway that runs along the southern part of the lake.

This lake is known for its extremely clear and deep blue water. This is due to the lack of nitrogen in the water which prevents algae from growing. As you can imagine it is a popular destination for people to swim, go sailing, wind surfing and a number of other popular water activities. Even in the winter time the hiking trails are always popular.

While this lake only encompasses a small portion of the National Park it is easy to spend an entire day at this place. There is a lodge located on the western side of the lake, so after a long day of exploring (or playing in the water) you don't have far to go to find a spot to rest. However, you can also stay in the city of Port Angeles which is only 18 miles to the east. As you might guess there are many hotels and restaurants to choose from in Port Angeles.

Finally, you can find numerous waterfalls all around the lake. They another mystical element to this breathtaking body of water. It is definitely a must see destination in the Olympic National Park!

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