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Maui - the rest of the trip

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

After an exciting first two days on Maui we decided to slow things down and enjoy some serious rest and relaxation. We spent a lot of time on the beach, we ate some spectacular food, and we spent our remaining time soaking up every moment in paradise. Being in an ocean front room on the ground floor left us with plenty of options. We had private beach chairs we could use out on our lanai, we had private cabanas we could rent, and we could stretch out on the sand on a towel. We did all three!

Every morning my husband would get up and walk over to a delightful beach side restaurant and order us two of the freshest açaí bowls we have ever had. Sometimes he'd splurge and and get us some gluten free vegan muffins and two fruit shakes to sip on as well. I would scope out the perfect spot for us to relax and we'd settle in and enjoy the morning before it got too hot. I have to say that a wife could get used to living this kind of life.

Ahhh.... paradise. Being here, on this island, was the perfect way to celebrate turning 50, commemorate David reaching his 50th state and to honor our upcoming 20th anniversary. This trip was everything we wanted it to be and more.

I have to give my husband kuddos: he planned our trip out beautifully Each evening David booked us something to do. On the third night he caught me off guard with tickets to a magic show. My initial thought was "Who goes to a magic show on Maui?" Apparently we do! This place came highly recommended and, needless to say, we were enchanted from start to finish. If you are ever on Maui and have a free evening, I strongly recommend heaing to Warren and Annabelle's. Trust me, you will love it. We treated ourselves to dinner at the venue prior to the show and were delighted to discover that it was designed like a 1920's parlor. The food and drinks were top notch as well.

After the meal we went into the venue hall and spent the next two hours laughing and having a good time. The jokes fit in perfectly with the show and we had so much fun sharing those moments together. As we walked back to our resort we both commented that we felt like kids again. That was a magical feeling all by itself! It had been so long since either of us had seen a magic show, especially one of that quality! We spent the rest of the night just soaking up that feeling.

On the fourth night David booked us a luau. We were seated near the stage and, again, ate like kings and queens. They even gave us lei's as they greeted us at the luau.

All night long we were delighted by the musicians and dancers. The story they told was inspiring and the show was fantastic! We also both had a chance to dance at the luau! As the sun set over the ocean I was reminded of how blessed we are to live the life that we lead. We worked so hard to get here and there isn't a day that goes by that I do t feel incredibly grateful.

Once again, after the luau was done we took an evening stroll on the beach back to our room. My heart was content and I was at peace. This is all that I hoped for and more for our Hawaii trip.

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