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Destination incoming!

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

12/29/21- Day 3- Destination day!! Today was unexpectedly rough for me. This all feels surreal. Mostly my brain wants to think that I’m on a vacation- it hasn’t hit me yet that this is where I will be living for the next three months. I miss the kids too. A lot. Overall, it’s the little things that hit me at the oddest moments- seeing a state route sign and expecting to see the shape of Georgia superimposed on it, but seeing the shape of Texas instead. Passing a bunch of huge wind turbines and thinking- oh you don’t see that at home… only to realize that this IS home now. Thinking about something I want to show the kids only to realize that I can’t take it to them this weekend and the best I can do is FaceTime.

I AM excited too, but I don’t really know what to expect. How will life work from now on?

Anyway… we loaded up the animals for the last leg of our journey and began the trek to our new home. We stopped in Waco to grab lunch at the Whattaburger and make a quick run to the bank. There was a huge accident on the highway near Austin, so David found us a back road (again- what a pro at finding those back roads to avoid traffic!) and we finally made it to our new home.

As we passed through the gates we were greeted by the 5 resident deer roaming the property. They were very curious as of new visitors and not at all bothered by Frodo’s menacing growls. Our rental is the guest house, or Casita, of the owner we are renting from (her name is Ana) and it is located on the property near the main home. Ana met us and gave us on a tour of the property and pointed out the amenities. She also made us cookies and homemade tamales and gifted us with those on arrival (which were a lifesaver since we have zero groceries and were not looking forward to another fast food meal). Also- they were both delicious - especially the tamales, so it was a much appreciated gesture.

David unloaded the car and I proceeded to start unpacking. About 4 hours later we had everything unloaded and about 75% organized. We already have a huge box of stuff we brought that will be donated to goodwill. There were several things we thought we needed that we don’t. It is my hope that as we get better at this the loading and unloading will become more proficient and streamlined. I mean, we ARE full time travelers now, so we need to make this look easy.

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David and Jennifer Cook
David and Jennifer Cook
Jan 23, 2022

We hope to encourage others to follow their dreams no matter how outlandish they may seem to others! ❤️


Jan 19, 2022

Really enjoy reading about your adventure. I’m sure you will have lots of hints for others who want to follow in your footsteps. I can see a book in the works. A how to manual. Keep ’em coming.

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